Math Ambigram

(by Peter Rowlett)
Solve this equation for x. Then rotate 180° and solve for x again.
The equation works either ways as 𝑥, 1, 8 and the unusual 5 have rotational symmetry. The same is true of +, =, and the horizontal line in a fraction.

rotatable equation
© Peter Rowlett

Transform a Ball with 2 Holes into a CD

Topology is a fascinating branch of mathematics that describes the properties of an object that remain unchanged under “smooth” deformations. If we imagine objects to be made of clay, a smooth deformation is any deformation that does not require the discontinuous action of a tear or the punching of a hole, such as bending, squeezing and shaping. These deformations are called “continuous deformations“. Continue reading “Transform a Ball with 2 Holes into a CD”